“Practice Makes…er, Professional”

Professional service firms are called “practices” for a reason. They are informed by a high level of understanding that comes from doing a task over and over again. While we’d like to think that “practice makes perfect,” perfection is hard to measure in this industry.  But the truth is that we have been practicing this craft for a long time. We have learned from our mistakes and so can steer your project clear of the pitfalls we stumbled into. Here are a few of the most common tripping hazards we see when homeowners take on their own remodeling project:

Stairway Footprints: A stairway takes up more space than you think.  If the horizontal footprint is incorrect then the tread size, rise-to-run ratio, and overhead clearance are not right either.

Plumbing: Plumbing is one of the most expensive parts of a residential renovation.  Putting together a plan before opening the walls saves time and money.  Professionals ensure that the plumbing is altered correctly the first time — or they design around the existing plumbing if possible.

Kitchen Work Triangles: Cooking is complicated, but kitchens shouldn’t be. While the right design depends on the needs of the homeowner, odds are good that the sink, stove and refrigerator should form a triangle. Interior Designers can fit a work triangle into just about any space.

Material Thicknesses: DIYers often forget to factor material thicknesses into their calculations.  All those fractions of inches add up and can throw off the dimensions of an entire project.

Building Codes: Building codes vary by city, township, and state. They are written in a technical language that is tough to understand without training. Homeowners often get stuck in the code — or ignore it completely — with equally frustrating results.

Over the years we have made many of these mistakes so you don’t have to. We have learned from them and we have not repeated them. In fact, we can spot and preempt them before they are made.  Practice has given us experience and perspective that sets us apart as professionals.  So before you try to plug the hair dryer into your newly-remodeled bathroom only to find that the outlet is out of reach, consider talking to Shelter.  We bet that you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s to learning from our mistakes, from your friends at Shelter.

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