Beth Halstenson

Director of Architecture


Beth is a registered architect and project manager at Shelter Architecture. She earned her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota in 2012 and started her professional career at Shelter. Since 2013, Beth has helped to advance the office’s software expertise and graphic excellence. Her leadership in technology brings efficiency and innovation to the studio. Beth is an expert in understanding detailing and functionality of space. From the beginning stages of a project, Beth works to incorporate resilient and sustainable design strategies, making Shelter buildings more efficient and better for the environment. Fundamentally, Beth sees herself as a maker, both in and out of the studio. When she isn’t designing buildings, Beth has tried her hand at other creative outlets such as metalworking and jewelry making.

Beth leads award-winning residential and commercial design projects, including: New Brighton Upgrade, Enriching the Kitchen, and Hot Indian Foods.

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