Hal Snow



Hal is a registered architect and head of Shelter’s Eau Claire office. He studied architecture in both Minnesota and Arizona with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from Arizona State University. Hal also has extensive experience traveling and living abroad. His two-year residence in Santiago, Chile has given him a global perspective on the impact that our actions and design decisions have on the greater society and the environment. Hal brings to the team 20+ years of commercial project experience. He is an expert in leading large projects and takes joy in bringing clients, coworkers, collaborators, consultants, and contractors together to find creative design solutions. Hal is committed to design excellence for all project budgets and enjoys helping businesses create unique and exciting environments.

Hal has a passion for building local entrepreneurship and community arts and can regularly be found working in support of Eau Claire’s flourishing art and cultural scene. Hal worked as a leader and project manager collaborating with Shelter Architecture on The Oxbow Hotel project, where he was able to celebrate local Wisconsin culture with his design decisions.

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