Shelter’s Top Ten Memories from 2014

10. Saints Game 

Team Shelter went out to the ball game to see the Saints play in the last season at Midway Stadium.  It was a face-off between USA and Canada that brought out the true national loyalties of everyone in the office.

9. In-house Marketing

Ben, a former intern and one of Kurt’s students, joined Team Shelter as an in-house marketing associate.  He handles award submissions, event planning, web content, and competition entries.

8. Hot Indian at Midtown Global Market

The popular food truck enterprise Hot Indian Foods opened a permanent fixture in the Midtown Global Market designed by Shelter Architecture.  Kurt led the team that developed this hot lunch destination.

7. Bauhaus Brew Labs

An intrepid family of beer lovers opened the Bauhaus Brew Labs in an old bomber plant retooled by Shelter Architecture. The Labs host a full brewing array, taproom, and biergarten. Kurt and Jackie led the team of this popular brewery.

6. Dwan Maintenance Building

Three years after the project was initiated, the Dwan Maintenance Building in Bloomington opened.  The newly constructed facility houses golf course maintenance equipment, office space, and much needed staff support space like a lunch room and locker rooms.  The concrete and glass envelope is wrapped with a custom steel screen and slat system to protect it from stray golf balls.  John and Joan led the team.

5. Centennial Award

John Barbour won a Centennial Award from his alma mater, North Dakota State University, for his dedication to the school of architecture and profession.

4. ASID Award

The American Society of Interior Designers awarded us a first place prize for the design of multiple rooms in the Saunders residence (“Heirloom Redux”).  Jackie, Lisa, and the homeowner led the project team for this graphic first floor renovation.

3. Roommates

We welcomed the folks at Malley Design into our studio.  Our roomies Bryan, Kevin, and Denae are branding gurus and have helped us sharpen our own brand.  It’s good to have other creative people around!

2. New Space

In April we bid farewell to our office in Uptown and moved into a new studio in Northeast.  A refurbished steelworks facility, the new studio features two balconies, a wall of windows overlooking urban green space, and room to grow.  The only drawback of moving? Moving without an elevator…both ways.

1. 10 Year Anniversary

October marked our ten year anniversary, which we celebrated by throwing a hooTENanny in our new studio.  Hundreds of people came by to celebrate with us and enjoy food, drinks, and entertainment provided by our friends and clients.  It was a joyous event, reminding us that life is good.

Here’s to a great 2015 from your friends at Shelter!