Declare label shares details about healthy building products

Ever check nutrition labels before choosing a grocery item? Do you know there’s a similar tool to help you select healthy building materials, fixtures and furnishings?

Found on products ranging from insulation to office chairs; from flooring to faucets, the Declare label reports a product’s ingredients and flags any chemicals of concern. Also noted are the product’s assembly location, life expectancy, and compliance with green building standards.

Manufacturers that voluntarily use Declare labels include small companies and large firms, hailing from across the world and close to home. A few names you may recognize: Cambria, Kohler, GAF and Herman Miller, for example. Others are likely less familiar — but their participation in the Declare program may help them attract architects, builders and homeowners seeking Earth-friendly solutions.

The Declare label system was developed by the International Living Future Institute. At Shelter, we appreciate having such a useful resource to help us find and select products that support our sustainability goals.

Does your home or business include products with a Declare label? For a list of participating manufacturers, see the Declare database.