Hi. Let us tell you a little about Shelter.

We are a design firm based in Minneapolis & Eau Claire.

Shelter is an architecture and interior design firm with locations in northeast Minneapolis and downtown Eau Claire. Driven by our collaborative design process, Shelter's talented team produces high-caliber, empathy-based designs. Our multidisciplinary approach incorporates the client’s experience and ideals into the development of cutting-edge solutions and sustainable systems. Shelter projects are approachable, livable, responsible, and of course beautiful environments in which to live and work better.
Here’s to the belief that things must change. To using vastly fewer resources. To creating fewer toxins. To nourishing our spirit and fostering a humane world. To staring these challenges straight in the eye and questioning the status quo. Shelter is a tool to effect this change. We make things better by designing beautiful environments that save energy, reduce pollution and inspire those who use them.
To understand Shelter, you need to know the team. We are strong, passionate, and talented. We are small. We are nimble. Shelter takes a team-driven approach to design, tapping the skills and expertise of each member to bring out the best possible results. The owners have been teammates for over 20 years, which means we understand each other. And in all interactions, we conduct ourselves with empathy, striving to meet the people we team with on their terms, focused on their goals.
With collaboration at its core, our design studio is successful because of the phenomenal talents and creativity of the folks we hire. Design is a specific process used to develop innovative solutions. Our design process is not radically different than that used by any great design firm. What is unique is our deep commitment to the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Our clients reap the benefits of a team approach, not of a single individual's ideas.