Our approach

We create human-centered spaces

Sure, when we take on a project, there are practical considerations. How many bedrooms? Where do the elevators go? What are the applicable building codes?

But there’s so much more to it than that.

We know that design decisions have profound impacts on the human experience — and the natural environment. So, our process involves a holistic approach to architecture and interior design. We consider:

  • The emotional responses a space can elicit.
  • Our projects’ connections to climate.
  • How a place accommodates people who have varying needs and abilities.

To fit with our broad focus, we work in a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary manner.

For starters, we prioritize clear, frequent communication with our clients. We listen intently to what they want to achieve with — and within — their space. And we keep the conversation going as the project advances and evolves.

Meanwhile, as a small firm, we have the luxury of being nimble. On any given project, we can quickly pull in people from our tight-knit team. Tapping their unique skill sets and diverse perspectives leads to fresh ideas and exciting discoveries. As a result, our clients get amazing spaces that contribute to their happiness, their productivity and — perhaps — the well-being of the world around them.

Our process

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