Watch and learn: Positioning Your Business for Expansion

Shelter has joined with other industry experts to create Positioning Your Business for Expansion, a free two-part webinar providing guidance and advice for business owners who want to add to, move or remodel their facilities.

Recorded live in June 2020, the online course shares insights about site selection, financing, design and construction. Presenters include Shelter architect Hal Snow, AIA, NCARB; Nick Mohr of Rhom Construction; Andrew Martin of Goldridge Companies; and Beth Crowell of The Hippie Banker.

Watch now:


Session 1 (52 minutes)
  • Why plan now?
  • Building Your Team
  • The “Right” Location
  • Real Estate Considerations
Session 2 (68 minutes)
  • Pre-Design
  • Financing
  • Project Costs
  • Professional Fees


Whatever your reason for considering an expansion — low interest rates; a surge in sales; your long-term strategy — the process calls for many steps.

“It can take time — usually months — to get all your ducks in a row,” says Snow, who heads Shelter’s Eau Claire office. “In our webinar, we lay out many factors you need to consider, and we help you understand when to engage various professionals, so you can get the best value from your project.”

As the webinar presenters conducted research for their presentations, “It became clear that this kind of valuable information is not easily found in a single, accessible location,” Snow notes. “We don’t think there’s anything else like it available.”

After watching the webinar, if you have further questions about business expansion, contact