Explore The Hangar — from a distance

If you’re like us, the arrival of August automatically stirs cravings for fried and grilled food, cold beverages, and the accompanying sights and sounds of the Minnesota State Fair!

Sadly, the event’s 2020 edition has been cancelled due to concerns about COVID-19. That means the mammoth, bi-fold doors of our favorite fair venue, The Hangar, remain closed.

But wait! There are still ways to get a taste of what this former stunt-plane storage space has to offer.

1. Minnesota State Fair Food Parade
This drive-thru experience provides access to 16 fair vendors — including The Hangar! Vehicle admission is $20. Food and drink costs extra. The Hangar’s menu will include tater twisters, fried Oreos and funnel cakes. Tickets on sale starting July 31.

2. Virtual Visit
If you yearn for an inside look, try our virtual visit! See how Shelter’s early designs came to life to become the festive space that debuted on the fairgrounds in 2018.



For more about the history and execution of this unique project, visit our Hangar portfolio page.

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