Meet the local vendors bringing the magic to our holiday makers market

As the Shelter Holiday Makers Market & Winter Studio Art Gallery Opening draws near, we’re thrilled to introduce the local vendors who will be showcasing their talents on Thursday, November 30th at our studio! Shopping will include local artwork, ceramics, jewelry, crochet pieces, wall hangings, stockings, ornaments, other home accessories & more! Read on to learn about the makers and their offerings.

Participating vendors

Bitter North Workshop

Specialty: Modern home decor, rug tufting, mending, embroidery, weaving and printing

About: The Bitter North Workshop is the “creative playground” and workspace of Swedish-born maker Jules Niemi. Jules, a textile specialist and multi-material artist, moved to Minneapolis in 2015 and worked in merchandising and interior design roles before finding her way back to her art. She specializes in weaving, embroidery, rug making and other textile mediums that take inspiration from classic folk art. Bitter North Workshop acts as a studio and classroom space that’s “an homage to female craftsmanship”.

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Specialty: Scarves, headbands, jewelry, aprons, blanket, keychains, bags, purses, ornaments and more

About: BWB is a collection of hand made up-cycled goods,

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Crochet by Mags

Specialty: Crochet

About: Maggie is a 23 year-old, self-taught crochet artist. She started crocheting in 2020, and the rest is history! She loves everything flowers which shows a lot in her work. Financial analyst by day, Maggie finds time to crochet in her free time (she brings yarn everywhere)!

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David Jensen

Specialty: Paintings

About: David Jensen’s paintings act as a documentation of the physical areas of the studio where the works are created. Time is a crucial part of his composition, expressed through a dense layering of materials that result from washed, gestural mark making, which is then erased and covered up again with new marks and washes. He uses acrylic paint, spray paint, pastels, moss, and studio debris to build up a surface over time. He draws inspiration from paint sinks, weathered floors, sun bleached fabrics, and other materials that embody their own history. Jensen has been featured in exhibitions in Minneapolis, MN, at the New York Design Center, and Southampton, NY and is represented by Bicycle Fine Art in New York City and Grand Hand Gallery in Saint Paul. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, NY Times Style Magazine, Time, Billboard, GQ, and Interview.

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Felton Clayworks

Specialty: Handmade ceramics

About: Brian began throwing pottery over 30 years ago in a small mountain community in the North Cascades, and he quickly grew to love the art of crafting functional ceramics. His son Cody has always had an interest in art and was excited to join him in the creation process.

Together, Brian and Cody love to learn and explore varied techniques – from traditional wheel throwing to glaze layering to sgraffito and more. And while their pieces take many forms, a shared love of the natural world consistently inspires their work together.

At the end of the day, ceramics allows Cody and Brian to create functional work while also exploring the beauty of their surroundings. They hope that the joy they find in the creative process is reflected in their pieces and brings similar joy to you!

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Jewelry by Samy

Specialty: Handmade jewelry

About: Jewelry by Samy came to life in 2022, fueled by creativity and inspired by fond memories of Samy crafting with her grandmother. Samy, an occupational therapist based in Bloomington, MN, has been making earrings since she was just 8 years old. Jewelry by Samy is the go-to place for unique handmade earrings, necklaces and more.

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Specialty: Fiber arts

About: POMfetti is a collection of fiber arts including hand sculpted POM earrings, tassel earrings, bag swag and POM trees.

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Don’t miss out!

Mark your calendars and get ready to shop ’til you drop at our Holiday Makers Market! This is a perfect opportunity to support local makers and get ahead of your holiday shopping. We can’t wait to see you on the 30th! RSVP to:

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