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Crocus Hill Owner’s Suite

The capacious attic of a classic Crocus Hill home became a luminous owner's suite the divides up almost equilaterally into three parts. Resting, bathing, and working spaces all occupy the open plan. The bed sits squarely under a gabled window on one side of the space opposite a mid-century modern credenza. An Eames chair and…



Graphically Modern

This project began with our Reality Check service.  In our first visit we found a 1980s home and clients who desired modern influences and fun touches to add whimsey and personality to their home.  Our clients, a talented graphic artist and his wife, were key contributors to the design of this space and were creatively…



Modern Sensitivity

They wanted to find a home on the North side of the Longfellow Neighborhood of Mpls, no other location would do. These newlyweds also knew they wanted a modern home designed to fit respectfully within a neighborhood of mostly traditionally styled homes. They approached Shelter to design their new home ...even if they didn't know…



Modest Mid-Century

In 2008 we were asked to advise on a house that some friends of ours were thinking of purchasing. It was a modest, mid-century modern home with a tree lined pond for a backyard. The home was charming but it had some quirks. The original kitchen was a tiny galley with the refrigerator in a…




The goal for the Paris project was to rethink a typical South Minneapolis home by adding spaces and amenities for a modern American family while maintaining its affinity to other homes in the neighborhood. The initial footprint of the house was a mere 950 square feet. It had small rooms, the kitchen was a hallway…



St. Louis Park Modern

This home was originally built for an architect who designed the space for his family in 1952. When the current homeowners purchased the property, they decided to update several of the spaces to meet their family’s needs. Over the last 10 years, Shelter has worked with them to update nearly every space in the home,…


Who desire luxury without pretense.

The way we make things luxurious is by designing beautiful environments that save energy, reduce pollution and inspire those who use them.

And make an effort to push the status quo.


We are Shelter Architecture.

Let’s design something magnificent.

There are two ways you can begin with our team.

Schedule a design consultation.

If you want to see what we can do, try our Reality Check service. It allows you to meet with one of our experts in either architecture or interior design to find practical, sustainable, and inspiring solutions to specific design problems.

Tier 1 ($350)
2-hour on-site consultation: For residential feasibility, kitchen and bathroom layout, and small addition/renovation layout and ballpark pricing.

Tier 2 ($1200)
2-hour on-site consult + 4-hour studio time + 1-hour follow up: For commercial feasibility, initial scoping, zoning evaluation, and large addition/renovation layout and ballpark pricing.

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