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Minneapolis, MN

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Completed 2007

Team: Shelter

Photos: Jeff Gallo

Accolades: USGBC LEED Platinum, First LEED-Certified House in MN, 2008 ASID Award for Kitchen

The Gallos approached their new home as an opportunity to start a new lifestyle that would significantly decrease their impact on the world. They began reshaping their mobility, their diets, their energy use, and even their rate of consumption. Their home was designed as a constant supporter of their new lifestyle. The site is close mass transit and community services. The plan allows them to gracefully age without having to move or remodel. The kitchen is laid out to promote a better diet. Storage is designed to decrease waste and overconsumption. And, of course, everything in the building is the most energy efficient possible. By the numbers, the house exceeds energy code by over 35% and is on pace for LEED Platinum certification scoring a 93. Their energy costs are less than half and Jeff, a long time user of allergy meds, is now breathing easy and med free.