Bauhaus Brew Labs


Architectural, Commercial


Minneapolis, MN

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Completed 2014

Team: Shelter, Hillcrest Development, Bauhaus Brew Labs

Photos: Rick Peters

We joined the Bauhaus Brew Lab team very early on in the process of creating a craft brewery and taproom by visiting potential sites with the owners. The last site we visited was the PERFECT place for this german inspired brewery: an old bomber plane manufacturing plant on the industrial Northeast side of Minneapolis. The voluminous space allowed us to showcase the brewing process to the engaged public.

Elements of the Design

Beer brewing takes a lot of specialty equipment; luckily we are eager researchers and quick learners able to envision and deliver the desired outcome. Just like the interpretations of iconic beer types brewed inside, this tap room and biergarten are imaginative and unexpected. Local artisans incorporated reclaimed lumber into the bar and taproom tables following the “hand crafted” values of the owners. Punchy colors in the murals and furnishings throughout the taproom coordinate with the splashy design of the beer cans. This space is a labor of love and a great place to enjoy a brew or two. And the best part? It’s right across our parking lot.