Graphically Modern


Architectural, Interiors, Residential


Golden Valley, MN

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Completed 2013

Team: Shelter, Palladian Projects, Homeowner

Photos: Farm Kid Studios

This project began with our Reality Check service.  In our first visit we found a 1980s home and clients who desired modern influences and fun touches to add whimsey and personality to their home.  Our clients, a talented graphic artist and his wife, were key contributors to the design of this space and were creatively involved to the nth degree.

Elements of the Design

We determined that the entire main level would be opened up to create more physical and visual connections between space.  Removing soffits, upper cabinets, doorways and walls that blocked the flow of the space allowed us to connect these spaces creating a better space for this young family to be together. A commercial style window and door replaced an existing sliding door, allowing the kitchen to expand without losing natural light, and a cooktop and stacked ovens doubled its productive capacity.  The resulting space is a study in contrasts: the pattern of wood grain on the floor with the texture of glossy laminated plastic and brushed aluminum on the countertops; the lightness of the Minnesota stone mantelpiece with the dark woodwork of its surround.