Architectural, Interiors, Residential


Minneapolis, MN

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Completed 2008, 2014

Team: Shelter, Buck Brothers, Greenlight Construction

Photos: Greer Photo

Accolades: 2008 ASID Kitchen Tour, Star Tribune, Midwest Homes, SW Journal, 2013 Modern Home Tour

The goal for the Paris project was to rethink a typical South Minneapolis home by adding spaces and amenities for a modern American family while maintaining its affinity to other homes in the neighborhood. The initial footprint of the house was a mere 950 square feet. It had small rooms, the kitchen was a hallway connecting the front rooms to the basement, and the upper level was a mere half story tall. The first move was to open the floor plan by adding a stair tower to the back corner of the house. Moving the stairs to the corner permitted the rear of the house to open and the kitchen to expand for entertaining. The roof over the half story was raised to create more comfortable living space on the second level and two flat roof dormers were added to create space for a master bath and screen porch. Modern “boxes” were added to the front of the house to complement the rear improvement and give a modern edge to the facade, while preserving the form and scale of the original home’s street presence.