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St. Louis Park, MN

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Completed September 2018

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Team: Shelter, REM5

Photos: Spacecrafting

At Shelter Architecture, it is always our goal to listen to our clients’ ideas to help make their vision a reality. It is especially exciting to help bring new and innovative business ideas to life, such as the REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory. Travis and Amir came to Shelter with a dream of creating a business centered completely around virtual reality experiences, from engaging games to educational programs.

It was Shelter’s task to design the vision that had only existing in the clients’ mind. A space specifically for virtual reality entertainment is a new concept. There are no rules of thumb for designers to start from regarding pod dimensions or equipment. Therefore, Shelter worked directly with Travis and Amir through a process of understanding the experience desired before dimensioning and proportioning the perfect spaces. Now that the business is up and running, we are REM5’s customers! Occasionally it is helpful to view design models with clients through VR technology; REM5 is a perfect location these exciting events.