Secret Room


Interiors, Residential


St. Paul, MN

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Completed 2008

Glamour inspired dressing room design.

Team: Shelter, Palladian Builders

Photos: Farm Kid Studios

Fun and glamour are the key words inspiring this dressing room with its secret lingerie room. This young couple was born a decade or two late with their 1950’s cocktail attitude and wanted a place in their home where they could get ready for their days and nights in style.

The dressing room was divided into his and hers sections with creamy white-painted wood cabinets denoting her area and dark-stained custom cabinets for his. Carrera marble countertops tie the sections together. The original wood floors were restored and the woodwork painted to match the cream cabinets. Vintage light fixtures were found and restored to further capture that glamorous feeling.

As collectors of vintage clothing and accessories, storage was designed to organize and showcase their wardrobes as works of art. Drawers with separate compartments for bangles, earrings, and other jewelry were custom made to ensure that every piece had its own special place.

The most dramatic part of this project can’t be found… unless you know where to look. The original master bedroom housed a very small walk-in closet, which was to become the Secret Room. This room houses lingerie, bedroom shoes, and the proper accessories for a wonderful night in. Silk upholstered walls, along with the same creamy white woodwork and marble tops as the dressing room, and sassy leopard-print carpet adds to the vampy attitude of this room. A Vaseline mirror strategically placed in the Secret Room provides the right amount of masking for self-esteem to be high on any special evening. This room has a secret access from the dressing room by way of a large, ornate, antique-silver mirror. Pivot hardware and specially detailed base trim allows the concealed door to swing open to reveal the Secret Room beyond the mirror.