Skill Shot Coffee & Pinball


Architectural, Commercial, Interiors


Artisan Forge Studios - Eau Claire, WI

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Completed April 2019

Pour Over and Pinball

Team: Shelter, Pablo Development

Photos: Brandon Stengel

In the words of our founding partner, Kurt Gough, “we believe cool matters”. Skill Shot Coffee & Pinball Bar combines many cool concepts into one unique setting that hosts hand-crafted coffee drinks, tea, craft beer, wine, and healthy grab-and-go food with a selection of pinball machines. Pablo Properties developed the concept for this new, exciting coffee shop based on the word play of “shot”, an explosive item for both pinball and coffee alike.

We believed that such a unique new business required custom design to truly embrace the vision of the owner. From the start of the project, our designers took inspiration from the pinball games themselves to create characteristic way-finding features. Our interior designers got right to work on finding and creating products that use shapes and patterns reflective of arcade culture to produce accents through the space. Shelter worked with TreePurpose of Eau Claire to bring to life the CNC routed booth seating and drink ledge features. The tables, chairs and fixtures chosen make sure the space feels fun and reflects the passion behind the original business concept.