Sir Otis Macintosh

Having a tagalong pet has changed the dynamics in our office.  Sir Otis Macintosh, a forty pound Border Collie/Corgi mix, joins us in the office most days as Kurt’s sidekick. He works the room throughout the day greeting visitors, wrestling dog toys, and perking us up during the afternoon slump.

We’ve experienced many benefits by having Otis around. He is an excellent stress release.  He’s always willing to head out for a walk when we’re at the end of our ropes.   Usually the ten minutes of fresh air and change of scenery that come with a potty break are enough to burn off negative energy and refresh our attitude toward work.

Otis also diffuses tension in the room as only a dog can.  Sometimes when a client is anxious about a project, or when we have bad news to share with a client, tension in the room is palpable. Otis must be able to detect it, too, because he knows when to appear.  There is nothing quite like the wag of a dog’s tail to make us relax.

On top of it all, having Otis around keeps us focused on creating livable designs. His presence reminds us to make spaces playful and open, to design for human interaction, and to honor all of our rich lifestyles and personalities — human or otherwise.  Otis helps us slow down and give some attention to the simple but important things in life.

Barking in solidarity – from your friends at Shelter.

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