Where Do We Fit?

Let’s say your dream is to open a restaurant. You probably have a few questions like “where will my restaurant be located?” “how do I fit parking on the lot?” and “what size should the bathrooms be?” Having a designer aboard the project team early in the process can help you answer these questions (and more!) effectively the first time. Designers can help you craft and clarify your vision from the beginning, ensuring that the final product is what you want.

Many clients come to us with seedling ideas. We engage with them from the beginning of their project researching the market, investigating zonings and ordinances, visiting properties, and envisioning their brand in three dimensions. The folks at Bauhaus Brew Labs, for instance, consulted us about everything from real estate to sidewalk signage. We are their go-to people for advice about many of the things that will affect the look and function of their enterprise.

Some clients, on the other hand, have strong brand awareness and a keen plan of action from the beginning of their project. We join their project as architecture, interior design, or landscape specialists working out structural, space planning, and site solutions for their buildings. When clients bring great ideas to the project, we don’t have to generate ideas ourselves — all we have to do is implement, implement, implement!

Keep in mind that the scope of the work we’ll be doing together depends on where you are in the thought process when you come to us. Because each client is at a different stage in their planning process – anywhere from a seedling to a full-grown idea – every project develops at a different rate.

With you along the way, from your friends at Shelter.

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