Design for All

LOOKING BACK at 12 years’ worth of work, we saw that livability has been an important component of Shelter’s designs from the beginning.  We tested our ideas about livability and design for all ages on a number of projects.  From modern roll-in showers to elegantly ramped entryways, we are passionate about implementing accessible solutions in cool, beautiful ways!

LOOKING FORWARD we see that design for all will be an even more important consideration for our projects. Accessibility for people of all ages and abilities will be the greatest need we can meet in the future.  Now that we (the human race) are living longer, healthier lives, our environments are not keeping up with our needs.  We are shaping a future in which our environments support aging in place and staying in our homes no matter our age or ability.

  • We have launched a new page on our website dedicated to Design for All. We invite you to explore this important part of our practice and philosophy.
  • We have started to collect our thoughts about designing spaces for people of all ages and abilities.  Take a look at what it means to design accessible spaces…starting with the entryway and kitchen.
  • We have reflected about what design for all means to us, both personally and professionally. We’d love to hear what design for all means to you, too! Please share your personal stories — or products, research, or news about the subject of accessibility — using the contact form.
  • We have set up a consultation service focused on making your home accessible.  Like our popular Reality Check service, the new Design for All consultation will be a 2-hour onsite meeting with an architect or interior designer from Shelter.  We will assess challenges to accessibility in your home, brainstorm opportunities to create more livable spaces, and sketch renovation options if needed.  To receive more information or schedule a consultation, reach out at

We are thrilled to be practicing in the emerging field of universal design.  We believe that designing for all ages and abilities can help people live better!

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