Light Rail Transit Stations




Minneapolis, MN

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Completed 2004, 2009

Franklin Ave & Government Center Stations

Team: Shelter (*See History Page)

John Barbour and Kurt Gough worked on the design of the Light Rail Transit Stations at Hiawatha Avenue, Government Plaza in Minneapolis, and three stations in Bloomington, MN. In awarding this project, the concept was that “the five best design firms in Minnesota” would design fifteen stations. Each would be totally unique to their local community’s personality “like charms on a bracelet.” Within this design process we had the unique opportunity to subcontract on the construction drawings for our designs. All fifteen stations were to use a common construction and structural system. Within these parameters we found ways to bring a strong sense of ownership of the stations for all who will use them. In 2008 we were hired to design additions to both stations in Minneapolis and a new station in Bloomington.