Victorian Veranda


Architectural, Interiors, Residential


St. Paul, MN

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Completed 2019

Historic Porch Addition

Team: Shelter

Photos: Kurt Gough

Originally built in 1886, this Victorian home renovation began with several phased remodels that date back to 2005. Long before work began on the veranda, the project started by replacing the Carriage House located at the back of the property. The owner was able to find historic photos of the original Carriage House, which was the basis for Shelter’s design. Shelter completed the Carriage House project in the summer of 2007 and soon after began work adding extensive insulation in the main house to increase energy efficiency. Next, a Landscape Master Plan was designed to guide all future improvements to the exterior of the property. During the summer of 2009, work began on second floor improvements, which included the addition of a walk in closet, dressing room, and office.

The last major item from the 2007 Master Plan was to replace the front porch. Shelter began the design in June of 2017, well over a decade since the first phase of improvements. As with the Carriage House, there was some architectural sleuthing executed by the owner. They had uncovered photos from 1940 that gave the design team glimpses of the original front porch. Similarly, these served as the inspiration for the final design. The new veranda features a gable design and scallop details that mirror the original, as well as posts and brackets in the same victorian style.  The front steps lead to an open air porch and sitting area, which access a larger, screened-in area that wraps around the side of the house. The updated porch completes the historic design of the home.